How to Decide the Best Rug Shape

When it comes to choosing an area rug for a specific room in your home, there are multiple things to consider. This includes color, design, size, placement, and texture, as well as the topic we’re covering today, shape. The various shapes include circle, square, rectangle, and other unique shapes that we may not see as frequent as the others. For today, we’re focusing on the three main ones to give you a little guidance before making what can be an expensive investment.


A circular shaped rug is a great choice for small rooms because it helps to make the room feel larger than it is. Along with making the room feel larger, a circular rug pairs nicely with many furniture pieces, especially a circular table that is placed right in the center or a singular chair with a footrest. Because most rooms in an average home have corners, a circular rug has the potential to soften up the space and act as the focal point of the room.


A square shaped rug is the perfect fit for large rooms where furniture can slightly come off the edge. They’re also great for wide foyers, rather than narrow foyers. If you plan to use a square rug in your dining area, here are Rug & Home’s recommendations:

Style: "July07"

  • 36” Round / Square table – minimum 6’ square
  • 42” Round / Square table – minimum 6’6” square
  • 50” Round / Square table – minimum 7’2” square
  • 60” Round / Square table – minimum 8’ square


A rectangular shaped rug is commonly found in narrow foyers and entryways, as well as hallways. For kitchens, they can be seen placed in front of sinks, acting as a stylish comfort floor mat. Just like it’s common to pair circle furniture with circle rugs and square furniture with square rugs, it’s just as common, if not more, to stick with the traditional rectangle with rectangle.

Being that I received some great tips from Rug & Home’s decorating guide, I’m going to share a little more from them. Check it out: